Commonly considered noise, Reggaeton's reputation is off to a bad start here in the States. Close-minded english-speaking people with maybe two years' worth of high school spanish under their belt are quick to reject this new genre. Reggaeton evolved from both Reggae and Jamaican Dancehall music. So, it's a dancing genre, like the waltz or salsa or tango. Because it's a dancing genre, the beat is the same tap-tap-bass in almost every song.

Most people discard the genre based on that fact alone. And that's just silly, seeing as the ever-popular bubble-gum pop has the same boom-boom-tap beat. Which, when you think about it, sounds pretty similar to the Reggaeton beat. And for you ravers out there who also balk at this genre: Drum-N-Bass? Trance? Happy Hardcore? Boom-hiss Boom-hiss. HULLO! Trance is just as repetitive in it's beats as Reggaeton. I listen to techno, and that beat in every song I realized actually helps me appreciate the music AND slip into the trance the music was designed to make me. Reggaeton's beat does the EXACT. SAME. THING.

Next: Lyrics. Yes, some of them are sexist and crude. But let's face it, this is America, we can't even listen to Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty" without getting our panties in a twist. Also, Ludacris, anyone? Yeah, his stuff's pretty nasty, too. But you guys still listen to him! Oh yeah, Ying Yang Twins, Lil' John, all those idiots rap about fucking drunk girls brains out, regardless, "Get Low" is still played at every high school dance without fail. It's really easy to say that rap is sexist and crass and inappropriate. But it isn't completely. Usher, LL Cool-J, Ne-yo, P.Diddy all sing or rap about love or just clubbing and having a good time. Reggaeton's exactly the same. Just because Reggaeton's banner boy Daddy Yankee has a dirty mouth, don't dismiss the genre. Some of these guys (and girls like Ivy Queen) have good voices and nice lyrics.

So before you condemn Reggaeton, look up these artists:

Rakim y Ken-y
Don Omar
Hector El Father
Baby Rasta.
So before you condemn Reggaeton, look up these artists:

Rakim y Ken-y
Don Omar
Hector El Father
Baby Rasta.
by Gracious April 26, 2007
iz a spanish version of reggae its da hottest type of music these days especially within the latinos.mostly known by artists like daddy yankee and don omar
i got all da newest reggaetton songz !!!
by drlizzy02 March 01, 2005
Music that puerto ricans think they created just because they sing it in spanish. When in reality, the Jamaicans gave birth to this style of music known as Dance Hall. By the way both suck.
It's funny how the radio stations are using reggaton to brainwash their latino listeners.
by Don Paco July 06, 2005
started in Puerto Rico la isla de encanto which is cool. Reggaeton is spanish music over seemingly reggae-ish beats. not like bob marley reggae but just that beat mixed with a more hip hop and spanish vibe. Its starting to get played alot more on the radio and stuff.
Did you hear that new song by Pitbull?
No I didn't
Reggaeton Sucks Ass
by kemosabe November 25, 2005
Most untalented piece of shit music EVER created, It's not even Reggae in the first place! has spread like a virus among many countries in Latin America and some parts of the US also, Not very different from Rap, in fact It's pretty much the same thing : No real instruments, Horny/Retarded lyrics, and some annoying beat on the background.
La Gata Fiera

Fuck off! Reggaeton sucks amigo :)
Sincerely : A spic with good tastes.
by Ashlek May 04, 2005
anything that has to do with quick spanish in any song with spanish in it. doesnt mean some puerto rican language or wat eva you latino fucks want to call it.
what what domo reggae ton thats rite biatch
by coined by gil & steve February 01, 2005
An awesome form of expressive musical art directed worldwide primarily for boricuas in the city, underground gangstas & young spanish speaking individuals. Unfortunately, now that white girls listen to it, reggaeton has gotten commercialized, soon to be gone to pot like hip hop, reggae & rap is today.
Daddy Yankee's 'gasolina' was a phat track, until the white-female controlled top-40 radio stations started playing it. From muchachos locos liberales: ninas blancas (white girls) stop tryin to be like us!!!
by liberalesXIII August 01, 2005
Wow i've been listening to reggaeton for years and years and most of you have completely no idea what you are talking about. Ignorance is not good. Sometimes people think its funny but its not. Its just very sad. Im feel really sorry for you guys. Im so sorry you dont have the knowledge to actually know what your talking about. To all my boricuas stay proud. Boricua Hasta La Muerte.
Don Omar! El rey de reggaeton. Glory Glow.Tego Da Underdogg. Wisin El Sobreviviente. *Los Bandoleros vs Mas Flow 2*
by LaBoricuaDePielMorena June 22, 2005

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