A reply of agreement or when one feels amazed by awesomeness
person 1: I just won $5000 on Pai Gow
person 2: cool beans...wait did you say $5000?
person 1: yep! 7 card straight flush with joker. $5 up!
person 2: Refried Beans!
by The Trendsetter Linguist June 16, 2008
Top Definition
When two females rub or mash their beans together until climax.
The two lesbians made refried beans all night.
by neeno April 06, 2013
A Mexican that burns his or her face and/or body either through a bad tan or sticking his/her face in a fireplace. This beaner is officially refried.
Juanito throws a match into the fireplace but it doesn't light. When he sticks his head closer to hear if gas is seeping out, the match ignites thus turning the mexican into a Refried Bean.
by Pepe de los Santos Aguirre Ramos January 20, 2008
Anal sex combined with or immediately followed by defecation.
Jesus vigorously analized Maria until she crapped everywhere, they then both enjoyed fresh refried beans.
by arock75 April 01, 2011
When you give a girl anal and then after have the girl give you a blow job.
Last night tom and bethany had refried beans.
by HoboMaster69 June 30, 2016
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