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When two females rub or mash their beans together until climax.
The two lesbians made refried beans all night.
by neeno April 06, 2013
8 0
A Mexican that burns his or her face and/or body either through a bad tan or sticking his/her face in a fireplace. This beaner is officially refried.
Juanito throws a match into the fireplace but it doesn't light. When he sticks his head closer to hear if gas is seeping out, the match ignites thus turning the mexican into a Refried Bean.
by Pepe de los Santos Aguirre Ramos January 20, 2008
9 3
A reply of agreement or when one feels amazed by awesomeness
person 1: I just won $5000 on Pai Gow
person 2: cool beans...wait did you say $5000?
person 1: yep! 7 card straight flush with joker. $5 up!
person 2: Refried Beans!
by The Trendsetter Linguist June 16, 2008
2 1
Anal sex combined with or immediately followed by defecation.
Jesus vigorously analized Maria until she crapped everywhere, they then both enjoyed fresh refried beans.
by arock75 April 01, 2011
3 6