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To be paralyzed from a riding accident a la Christopher Reeve.
Unfortunatly Christina was Reeved for life upon falling from her beloved stallion
by hughmonger October 29, 2003
When a movie is made worse by having Keanu Reeves in it.
Al Pacino wasn't hamming it up that bad in The Devil's Advocate, but you have to admit that movie got totally reeved.
#reeved #keanu reeved #keanud #keanood #keanude
by ceth60606 April 18, 2010
To be disheartened, depressed, soul reeved, something taken away, drained of life, a situational made worse by something bad happening that killed the mood and destroyed the atmosphere.

A state of mind to say that one is 'Reeved' and depleted of positive energy.

Shorthand is reeve, to say that someone or something that is sucking the life and enjoyment out of something.

Similar to Killjoy however can apply to both people and situations, places and objects

Adding and contributing to a negative state. Very simlular to Depressing however differs because a reeve can be a slower process of 'live sucking'

The playstation one game 'Soul reever' who went around sucking other peoples souls.
I went to this club last night and I got reeved to death by all these fat girls trying it on with me.

I got reeved to death by the cinema yesterday because they made me sit at the front because there wasn't any seats made the film so Reeving.

Iam so soul reeved because they shut down that shopping mall, it was the only place I could avoid all those idiots.

Iam not going to that place tomorrow night, its way to reeving.

These people are so reeving, I don't want them out with us anymore. Especially that guy, hes the biggest soul reever on the planet.

Iam not buying that painting, its so fucking reeving.
#reeved #reeving #reeve #reever #soulreeve
by Donald Kimble October 11, 2013
to suddenly find yourself dating a girl who was more closely "associated" with a reeve prior to her intimacy with you.
"I totally got reeved in that parking lot last night."
#schrank #beople #reeve around #reeve #smammal #smammel
by sungodRa April 30, 2008
Something has been misrepresented by someone sitting in a chair.
I got reeved at the concert yesterday.
After wading my way through masses of people, trying to get as close as possible to stage, I spotted a opening. But to my dismay as I approached, the opening that previously caught my eye was in fact, a dude, in a chair...
#concert #disabled #christopher reeve #chair #misrepresented
by Dangerousdee April 10, 2007
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