Lose something important & hard to recover, because you failed to pay the bill on time, especially when you were repeatedly warned.
"I'm forever concerned with reeveing my domain names, because I've got like 5 different providers."
by urmum69 January 07, 2012
off roading. doing anything god like while wearing oakley's.
Man, the weather is perfect we should go Reeve.
by WTHS 2010 April 10, 2010
This athletic chad is all for parties and having good time, but when push comes to shove, will refuse to chip in for anything. After the countless times where he has been spotted and is in debt up to his neck, this guy always wiggles his way out of paying and returning the favor. This man is in fact stingy! Beware of the ware jew!
"I have to go check if i have my wallet, but until then can you pay for my movie?"

"Classic move, he's pulling a reeve"
by optimus prime99 September 22, 2011
A unit of measuring momentum (kg * m/s)
The momentum of a 5 kg car going 2 m/s is 10 Reeves.
by Adam J Jannetta March 24, 2004
verb; to reeve; past tense: reeved; to fall from or fly off of one's transportation, commonly used when the individual has become injured as a result of the fall.

Verb is derived from the injury to the late actor Christopher Reeve (Superman, Somewhere in Time)
Descending the hill too quickly on his bicycle, Jose` reeved over the handle bars when he applied the brakes.
by K.i.R.K July 12, 2006
he is the most sentul man around thats got a big knob! i love him so much
a person that is so good that lives in england
by yuan liu March 23, 2005
A useless former asbestos attorney; a complete asshole who feels he is nice but is not.
Oh Reeve, why'd you have to defend that multinational corporation?
by Karen February 16, 2004

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