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when a person tells a story which is completely pointless, the person intends to be funny but the only person who laughs is themselves. Can be referred to as 'classic reedy'.
Person one: when my mate moved into his house, there was a right gypo garage! *laughs to his/herself*

Person two: classic reedy.
by ChemBuds May 24, 2011
8 6
The extremely prententious people who go to Reed College. Portland, OR slang, but is commonly found wherever people are talking about Reed College. Has two primary usages:

a)people who go to Reed.
b) a nerd, lesbian, or neo-hippie.
a) "my uncle was a Reedie. He majored in Biology"

b)"Dude, I saw that girl buying a sleater Kinney CD. What a reedie!"

"Buries his head in his books like a reedie"

"you haven't taken a bath in 6 days, George. Are you trying to become a reedie or what?"
by Marcos December 06, 2004
37 80