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(rE-D'on-kU-lus); Adjective, can be loosely used as a noun in certain situations.

Closely related to ridiculous.

Pertains to any situation, and happenstance that isn't to be taken lightly; This is an advancement of the word ridiculous, can be used in a variety of situations / brick-a-brack.
For instance, your drummer who is waiting to start practice and tryout a new singer calls you for the third time..

“Dude, …I’ll get there when I can; the freeway has been blocked for over 45 minutes…this is f’n redonculous..”
by M. McConachie February 16, 2006
When Ridiculous just isnt enough to discribe the situation
Fuck ridiculous that shit was Redonculous
by GGRobbie September 22, 2006
something so rediculous that it is redonculous (I know this is circular); beyond rediculous
My friend Francesca says it all the time
you were waiting 45 minutes? for a hamburger?? That is totally redonculous
by Samuel Freedman December 08, 2004
A more ridiculous way to say ridiculous.
Man did you see Marks new rims, they are Redonculous!!!!
by Willie-B November 20, 2006
To be at such a point in time, of such madness and ridculousness, all rolled into one.
That is fucking Re-Donculous

Simply, and utterly stupidly sadly Re-donculous

Re-Docnoulous to the point of retardation here ok

FInally, last but not least, Can you see that lions head on a giraffes body over there, now thats just simply re-donculous, now thats just a mushroom trip out right there!
A mix between what is rediculous and what is stubbornly asinine: resembling an ass or donkey. Hence the "donc" coming from donkey.
A robber sued a man he tried to rob for psychological damages and reckless endangerment, after the owner of the house shot a hole in his roof to scare the robber away. The robber won the case. This is redonculous
by SherLeon May 20, 2006
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