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To somehow win against impossible odds.
Enemy has a sword, you have empty pistol.

enemy lunges, you duck, he misses, attacks again, jump over attack, land behind him and kill him with a blow to the back of the head.

"Dude he just "redboned" me hard!"
by Spencer T.B. Nolan April 22, 2008
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to be black and indigenous american, mostly Cherokees, Seminoles and Fox tribes though. You can tell when some one is red boned because they have spots of red/ burgundy pigment, and light skinned red boned people have white spots on their extremities, especially hands and feet. Also they don't celebrate Thanksgiving, often calling it "Thankstaking" for taking their land, natural resources, way of life, etc.
Jermaine~ "can't ya see i'm red boned, i wan't my reparations from slavery, and i want my land back after your done paying me the interest on my reperations"
by Heifcliff July 18, 2008
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thick chicks

"thick chicks, fellas call 'em redbones" Ciara, Oh
*ey man, you see those hunnies at the game...

-Yeah boy! hella chicks be red boned though

*Hey man redbones what i like, yeah baby!
by Lexi May 06, 2005
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