1. User on Newgrounds
2. Me!
3. A strange band with a naff website
4. A radiator fitting company
5. User on RG
6. Hates CalumT
7. A hot radiator - a red hot radiator.
1. Oh look, RedHotRadiators is on the NG BBS!
2. Hello.
3. I hate RedHotRadiators - their website sucks
4. I got my radiator from RedHotRadiators
5. I have some photos on RG - look at them!
6. RedHotRadiators : I think CalumT sucks
Person : Yeah.
7. Shit, that's a Red hot Radiator!
by RedHotRadiators May 04, 2005
3 Words related to RedHotRadiators
1. A user of the Newgrounds BBS, he is cool and awesome.
2. Radiators that are boiling hot, maybe red with the heat.
1.Dude, Here comes RHR... awesome.
2.I burnt my hand on the fucking radiator!
by DEADSiM2 May 04, 2005

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