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Probably the most famou newgrounds BBS user ever, he is very highly loved and noone can argue about that. Most of his 'fans' pray that WadeFulp make earfetish a moderator, which will never happen due to everyones anticipation of it and WadeFulps desire to surprise people while still doing the right thing.

Earfetish likes to masturbate in peoples ears, hence the name.
Oh my god my ear is leaking with white stuff!
by DEADSiM2 April 30, 2005
A newgrounds.com user with a good following of fans because of his excellent quality tutorials.

Likes pwning people that others do not like.
Guy 1: Awesome, DEADSiM2 has finally realised a new tute man!

Guy 2: Cool, link plz.
by DEADSiM2 April 29, 2005
Ozcar is a mexican/canadian word meaning 'NG mod' which is quite simply, a mod of NG.

Ozcar luffs us all <3
n00b: OMFG OzcAr SuxckEd Me OrF

Ozcar: ban. *post pic*
by DEADSiM2 April 25, 2005
A thing on the internet used to search through 1,000,000s of websites and only show the sites that contain a particular word/phrase that you enter.

Often used by teenagers to find free pornography.
Popular sites include: Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
by DEADSiM2 May 03, 2005
1. A user of the Newgrounds BBS, he is cool and awesome.
2. Radiators that are boiling hot, maybe red with the heat.
1.Dude, Here comes RHR... awesome.
2.I burnt my hand on the fucking radiator!
by DEADSiM2 May 04, 2005
A cool person that likes to have a laugh, very down to earth.
Ha, -Jebus- is so cool man!
by DEADSiM2 May 01, 2005
1.A cross between a chav (a.k.a. a charva) and an emo, they listen to remixes of casalocos music and SOAD (System Of A Down) on continious loops. Wears baggy & black clothes with burberry caps.

2. A chinese emo.
A teenager that listens to casalocos on one CD player and his SOAD songs on another, both at the same time.
by DEADSiM2 May 02, 2005
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