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A person who doesn't want anything to do with girls that he knows wants him.

A person who would rather get a bj cause they don't have to do any work.
Someone who runs Rhode Island.
"Yo that girl really wants you"
"Nah, I'm Reale I don't need those bitches"
by call me the ghost May 26, 2009
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A girl named Reale is the most spectacular girl there is. They're usually kind, but know when and how to tell someone off. Reales are beautiful, especially those with deep brown eyes. They care what other people think about them. They are usually very guarded people and are willing to let their walls down for very few. They THINK they're very clever and can outsmart elders. Reales usually are very funny and entertaining. They love children and make wonderful wives and mothers. Reales are strong even when treated badly. Reales are very stubborn. And they love to get down and party
by Mst10 June 29, 2011
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