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Accronym for Fixed Your Post. Use when quoting someone in a newsgroup or onine forum and then add a few key words here and there.
"Radiohead sucks."

""Radiohead rocks" FYP"
by ElaineV July 25, 2005
Fuck you party

The act of partying so hard that you almost die and pass out in the trunk of your jaguar.
Dude 1: Yo, let's get drunk.
Dude 2: I can't I have homework.
Dude 1: You have no balls, FYP!
by 757scubasteve April 01, 2011
It means Final Year Project. Usually it is talking about the final year in undergraduate.
I am busy in doing FYP now. Please don't disturb me.
by Greeenti April 04, 2010
Accronym for "For Your Pleasure." Use in front of a person's (screen) name when you think they may find it pleasurable or be interested in the subject.

Can be used in substitute of "cc:" or "FYI" in social media platforms.
You'll see this most frequently used in Twitter:

Jhoggie: Boarding the plane and headed to Las Vegas to kick off my nine day vacation. (FYP @24k @VegasBill)
by Jhoggie February 01, 2010
The Foundation Year Programme, a first-year "great books" programme at the University of King's College, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Pronounced fip.
"I am in FYP, and I really like Nietzsche."

"I am so sick of FYPers."
by cindyjlou May 19, 2007
Punk band that proves even being unintelligent is better than being a smartass. Acronym stands mainly for Five Year Plan, but others have followed, including For Your Protection and Finish Your Popcorn (album name).
FYP was my favorite punk band in high school, they didn't sell out.
by James April 28, 2004
An acronym for "Fresh Young Pussy." This describes attractive young females that life hasn't had the opportunity to completley minionize by making them fat and/or totally worked by so many cretins that you wouldn't want to hit even if she threw her shit right at you. These young females are preferably over the age of 18 but no older than 19 or 20, this is to ensure that their tits and ass have just really rounded into the proper shape, yet gravity has not yet had any sort of sagging effect. When you see FYP, you know it... and you most definitley want to hit.
Jerk #1: Holy Crap!!!! Look at that FYP over there... lets go make some moves.

Jerk #2: I would hit the crap out of that thing, FYP man... FYP.
by The Jerkstore April 30, 2006
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