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5 definitions by th3m0nk

Used to imply complete seriousness. Honestly.
For real for real, when I walked in the room, he was making out with the dog.
by th3m0nk October 14, 2005
80 10
pay attention to what you're doing

See watch your back.
While walking down the street you go to turn down a blind alley. At the corner someone notices you.

"Hey smarten up!."

You look down the alley realizing what you were about to do and proceed down the street instead.
by th3m0nk October 16, 2011
9 0
a warning to people who want to bring it, that they might not want what you've got
Poser: You all aren't gangster, BRING IT!

Urbanites: You sure? We go there...

Poser: Go where?? Can I come?
by th3m0nk January 30, 2011
1 0
Combining the words Stupid + Silly
That chick is straight stilly.
by th3m0nk October 14, 2005
11 18
Short for Loudoun County VA
Where you from? I'm from LoCo bitch!!
by th3m0nk July 28, 2006
31 49