The act of defiling one's eyes to malicous, or mind-boggoling content.
Did you see how red John's eyes were? He must have been reading.
by Jeff Conte July 17, 2008
With regards to reading
Re.ading a book can be fun.
by Hercolena Oliver August 31, 2008
A lifeless suburban upper-middle class town 10 minutes outside of Boston full of snobby parents and teenage stoners everywhere who drive around and listen to dave matthews all day. Weekends are full of random houses and woods to booze in for fun and lots of cops who have nothing better to do but catch you.
"yo, i'm from reading, lets go on a blunt cruise and hit up jordans furniture for ice cream after, sound chill?"
by readingsGay March 22, 2007
Code word used to describe the act of sexual intercourse (doing the nasty).
Girl you are off 'da hook! Why don't you and I enjoy some reading time?
by Oh-Nobody July 19, 2009
When referring to a woman's breasts, size depends on how well she reads. The larger the size, the better she reads. Also another name for cleveage.
1) That girl definately looks like she's been reading...

2) Wow, you must have started reading early.
3) I just bounced my last shot off her reading.
by LibraryRapist September 20, 2009
A code word for the act of masturbating in front of ones partner on web cam when other sexual acts are not possible
Sarah and I were reading last night on Skype and it made me want her sexy body so bad.
by Adude72 November 16, 2008
Home of emos, punks,goths, and lots (and I mean LOTS) of stoner grunge kids. Bad shopping,no music scene,basically the suburban version of London.
Also,lots of snobby rich kids who are *down* with grindie and worsip Alex Turner,even though they've never set foot on a council estate in their lives.
Strangely chav free town.Rumours persist they were hunted down and burned in a 1800s' style way.
Reading:Suburbia in denial.
"Wow,look at that seven year old kid smoking pot and rocking out to Velvet Underground CDs! He's a PRO,man!"

"Let's go to Reading!"
by bandanasarerad September 01, 2006

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