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When you wake up early, eat, get some things done and then go back to sleep for another 2 hours.
Don't you love the re-rack? When you wake up early, eat, get some things done and then go back to sleep for another 2 hours? RE-RACK! - John Mayer
by dansinner March 15, 2009
In beer pong, otherwise known as beirut, depending on the rules (either 6 cup or 10 cup) you are allowed one or two re-racks, respectively. You call for a re-rack when you have 6, 4, 3, 2 or even 1 cup left for a better formation. You cannot call a re-rack until it is your turn to shoot, and you can't call one if you or your partner shoots. It has to be the very beginning of a turn.
Dude, we have 2 cups left but they're mad far apart. Let's re-rack that shit when we get the balls back.
by Juan-ageddon February 17, 2008
To go back to sleep in the morning after arising early; particularly after a hard night.
I partied til 4 and had to be up at 8, so I reracked at 10.
by Steve Perrett September 06, 2005
The act of wiping your ass while the toilet paper is still on the roll, and then re-rolling it back up for the next unsuspecting user.
I just re-racked in stall number two so send the situation in there next.
by Ron Ron Juice January 06, 2011
refill your cups to run back beirut/pong
when i win my 12th game in a row, the opponent often calls for a rerack because they think they can beat the champ (the can't)
by Eric Kauf March 12, 2008
Verb: To go back to bed or to take a nap. A term originating aboard sailing ships where beds are sometimes referred to as "racks".
I had to stand two watches last night so I am going to rerack for a while before my next watch.
by Captain Swill November 10, 2010
The act of undergoing breast reduction surgery to solve the discomfort caused by excessively large breasts.
Serena was afraid her double d's were going to give her chronic back pain so she got a re-rack last year.
by jp23hoops June 07, 2009
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