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She’s a Mystical girl, outgoing, and very friendly! Her beautiful smile makes others around her happy
what a Rayven
by ilucudek February 04, 2010
92 22

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A really sweet, pretty girl, who will be a mega-bitch if you try to fuck her over or fuck with her friends. Smart, brilliant, quirky and polished.
Dude, that's my bestie, she's totally a rayven.
by XOBEAR May 15, 2010
83 38
n. A woman who is beautiful, artistic, witty, and irresistibly charming. You will never forget her.
I'm cravin' Rayven.
by fookingawesome November 30, 2011
37 6
A beautiful and intelligent creature. Beware, Rayvens have very short tempers and are very violent if you mess with one. A Rayven may look sweet and innocent, but in reality, they are evil vengeful creatures. Very clever and scheming so don't upset a Rayven. Be careful, mental problems are common in Rayvens. They can be solitary, but can also be very sociable. Their diet consists of mostly healthy foods, especially meats. They don't have much of a sweet-tooth. Although have been observed eating candy. They hate white chocolate, don't eat much milk chocolate but love dark chocolate. One last thing you should know, they despise liars and can usually tell when you are lying, I wouldn't try it if I were you.
Guy~ "Shh.. it's a sleeping Rayven, don't wake her."
Girl~ "Why?"
Guy~ "She will rip your eyes out!"
by Kortzzzz January 19, 2012
11 15
A sexxyy chick who loves to get freaky and will suck cock good she never backs down from sex she loves sexxyy dudes with nice bodys even though she is a freak she still can be very romantic she is awsome and has some nice jugs you will never forget that you fucked her she will rock your world
that girl is totally hot she must be a Rayven
by freak2015 June 27, 2011
24 30
a fat ugly animal that has a horrable smile when ever she smiles i turn around and start to cry she looks like a creature rose from the dead i think al rayvens are like this shes not a goood kisser is bad with boyss
man why would you like her she a RAYVENN
by YouSuck12 April 13, 2010
22 86