He's not the hottest guy you know, but he is a definite keeper. He is nice to everyone. So don't be getting jealous! But if he decided your the one… you will be showered with love and attention. He's respectful, careing, strong, loyal, and he stops talking to his buddies to give you his full attention when you want to say something. His eyes are the most beautiful things you have ever seen, and he is a good huger. You dream of the day he will work up the nerve to kiss you. He's usually the funny, outgoing type that makes him so popular. But it shows when something is bothering him. He dosen't have the strongest self esteem, but he's working on it. He would do anything for you. There's not to many out there like a Raymond.
The kind of guy you can't stop telling your friends about

Girl 1 "…and then he said, ' I will always love you.' "
Girl 2 "really? I never knew him to be the romantic type."
Girl 3 " awwwww! your so lucky! I want a Raymond!"
Girl 1 "I don't know what I did to deserve him!!!"
Girl 2 " shhhhhh, there he is!"

* Raymond walks up and gives girl 1 a hug*
Raymond "Would you girls mind if I steal her for a surprise date?"
Girl 3 " of course not! Have fun!"
*couple walking away holding hands*
Girl 2 " Wow, she wasn't kidding! I've never seen him That happy before!"
Girl 3 "I WANT A RAYMOND!!!!!!"
by Everybody loves Raymond June 20, 2012
A hilarious, handsome, smart man. He's usually negative person but very loving too. He usually has dark brown eyes and dark hair. He is very tall. He is an amazing guy, any girl has him she is Lucky!

I'm lucky to have had a brother like him. :)
Girl 1 : Woah! ... He is so fine! :P
Girl 2 : Mmmhm Yup that's so a Raymond
by PurpleSmileys July 23, 2012
The most amazing boyfriend in the world. He is a handsome, loving, caring, ambitious, intelligent, and seductively sarcastic person. His laughter is the most astounding thing to hear and it brings such a joy to my life. He may be a bit of a short fuse and highly argumentative, but when he is in love you with, his patience and kindness knows no bounds.. He has a big and gentle heart despite all the hardships he has endured, as he strives to lead his life according to his biggest dreams and aspirations. Also, he is encouraging and supportive, for he'll never give up on me or allow me to give up on myself.

I love you so much Raymond E.
Friend: Hey! Who is that guy on your screensaver?

Me: Oh, that's my Raymond. :)
by Jaailynn June 26, 2013
Raymond is a calm and chilled person. He is usually great to hang out with. He loves watching anime especially Naruto. He believes in what he wants to believe. He is my best friend (best baka)-we call each other best bakas because in Japanese it means stupid XD anyways. We love each other (best friends of course) He will always be at your side and truly care about you...

Love you Ray <3

by Able:3 January 25, 2013
A male that is wanted by every woman who sees him. He has absolutely gorgeous eyes. Typically dark eyes and dark hair. He's one of the most sweetest people on the face if the Earth. He makes a great friend. If he really cares about you, he will make an amazing boyfriend who cares about you very much. He doesn't like stupid and dumb people very much. He's very caring to his best friend and will listen to their problems when needed. Raymond has problems of his own and he may keep them to himself sometimes but other times he will open up. A lot of girls fall for him. He is extremely good looking and handsome. He's one of the funniest people you will ever meet. He will make you smile throughout the whole day even if it's the worst day of your life. Some people love Raymond and care for him dearly. Raymond would be lost without some certain friends but he has a great life now and loves everyone around him.
I love Raymond so much. The first time I laid eyes on him I instantly fell in love. He's so sweet and I don't know what I'd do without him! <3
by Jessica Brazile March 06, 2014

1. A small town in New Hampshire. The most desirable place to live on the planet.
George had an opportunity to live in Honolulu, New York City, Munich, Tokyo, and Rio de Janeiro, but chose to live in Raymond instead.
by George Stuffalottapuss January 02, 2012
Not the hottest guy, but his heart is still strong enough to understand so many situations: How it felt, how it hurt, and how it can affect that person. He has difficulty letting to of some facts until he's given others to make him ignore it. His past might have been hard, but he's willing to give the heart he has to any girl willing to share theirs as well. Although he can be annoying at times, its a simple "Cut it out" or "Stop" and he's done. He also tends to be very honest, leaving no lies unless behind it is trouble. Not many out there have such an amazing Raymond.
Sam: Dude, your my best Bacca.

Raymond: Right dude? Your awesome too!
by R-Tacular September 08, 2013

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