A complete idiot that is completely stupid and usually extremely annoying.
Jesus Christ, stop being a Raymond!
by xXZEXALXx November 13, 2014
raymond is a small urban town outside calgary with a population below 1000 most of which are family members. along with the gas station other tourist attractions include "the grocery store". because of the small size and close family ties incestuous activities are common.Thoughout the years of cross breading they have created a group of athletic masterpieces. the raymond comets have won provincial titles in almost every sport known to man. Some of this credit goes to the coach of every team raymond has cledis boon-house but most of Raymond's fame comes from the ralph brothers two of which play in the CFL and two more are entering the first years at university the other eight children run a egg farm. the small town life is very important to the people of raymond.
this looks like a ghost town from a horror movie does anyone actually live here?" "It must be a town the sign over there say raymond
by fogmiiteX May 29, 2011
premature ejaculation
"Omg my boyfriend just raymonded"
by smurda21 January 02, 2014
An annoying Asian guy that has a small pen15 and has a huge ego. He has a lot of money and thinks that he can buy someone something and they'll automatically like him. He tends to be depressed all the time and thinks everyone likes him but they really don't. He doesn't give a shit about what anybody says because he's so ego like Kanye West. He thinks he knows rap music but he doesn't. He also goes after girls who he knows that he can't get and thinks bombshell bras are amazing.
Girl 1: "I think Raymond likes you. He's all over you"
Girl 2: "Eww he's nasty"
Raymond:(to girl 2) "CHING CHONG YOU IS MINE"
by taco bell queen June 30, 2014
When you are drunk and put a spring roll into your jeans pocket.
*R wakes up hungover and looks into pocket and finds a spring roll*

R: "What's this? Why do I have a spring roll in my pocket?"

S: "You must've done a Raymond!"
by sonjit August 14, 2011
A fat hairy cock sucking piece of shit that would fuck a ham sandwich for a turkey sandwich. often makes fun of other people to deny his own imperfections red-neck to heart with a confederate soul to prove. produces stupid remarks and insults because he cannot come up with anything intelligent unlike his peers. he is afraid of people smaller than himself and battles with his pathetic, psychotic parents.
Aw shit its a Raymond don't let him infect you with fatfuckinitious !!
by Mr. porkey October 19, 2012
A name used to describe some who is both very nerdy/unmasculine and who probably masturbates to dirty porno almost every night. he tries to talk tough but can never put his cock where his mouth is due to its usually small size.
Wow...that guy is such a freaking Raymond
by the unknown temperature April 25, 2010

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