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Ravy is the name for the (as of yet) unofficial pairing of Rachel Morgan and Ivy Tamwood, two characters of the Hollows series by Kim Harrison.
Although Kim Harrison denies they will get together, this pairing has gained a big and committed fanbase since the first book of the series (Dead Witch Walking) was published.
Man, yesterday I read a Ravy fanfic and it was SO hot.
by blackrising July 02, 2010
Princess until married; then she hits queen status.

Brown and bouncy.

Shrill voice when in whine mode or overly excited.

Smart and sweet despite those wicked good looks.

Exotic and cleavage-full.
Ravy bounce is her signature move.
by littlehead November 23, 2011
It is a nickname for a Toyota Rav 4 and also can mean cool.
This Ravy is so Ravy man
by Shenequa April 07, 2003
The illness that is contracted during a rave. Symptoms include coughing, headache, muscle ache, exhaustion, depression and rave boogers. It is common for sufferers of ravies to call in sick with the 24 hour flu.
I caught ravies at EDC. It must have been that water I drank. Or that girl that bit me.
by Justinperfect March 28, 2015
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