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1. A one-person rave.
2. A person that is a delivery boy for Domino's Pizza.
3. A philophisizor that has wisdom of 1337 and random yet creative quotes.
"Yeah dude, I had another rav, it was F@$ing awesome."
"zOMFG it b3h RAV, OMFG TOUCH MEh!!!11 R4ND0M N1NJ4!!!1 OMFG DONT TOUCH M3H!!1 W3rD 2 Y3R M0tH3R!!!"
by CheeseGradersSuck May 29, 2005
Russians, Arabs, and Villains.
"Mr. Naylor's here to see if we can't get cigarettes into the hands of somebody other than the usual RAVs." - Thank You for Smoking (2005)
by DeathNova2 January 30, 2009
Acronym for "Random Acts of Vietnameseness"

-Some aspects of life in Vietnam you will never quite grasp...
(Also used as a general excuse for incompetence)
Have you taken the RAV into account?
by LFFJ September 15, 2010
Acronym for Rancid Asian Vagina. There is a whole song to this word.

Often liked by people with the names Finlay or Lucas
Finlay likes RAV
by FinlaylovesRAV November 15, 2010
Rav is slang for starving, hungry and/or ready to eat anything in sight. Adj. Ravenous derived.
"Dad, when are those eggs going to be done?"

"When they are done, jeez, you kids are -rav-"

"Freakin A I'm rav, I could eat a whole pizza after __________."
by Severis April 16, 2006
A gaming clan, short for Raraavises.
Rara avises also means A rare or unique person or thing.
Wow those RAV guys really kicked our buts tonight!
by MrMan January 31, 2005
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