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A musician and composer from India. The best Sitar player in recorded history and one of the greatest musicians ever.
Western Guy: Whatcha listening to?
Pashtun Guy: Ravi Shankar.
W G: yeah.. I've heard of him, he is the father of Norah Jones right? He plays music too, huh?
Pashtun Guy walks up to Western Guy and beats his brains out with the Sunday Special Issue.
#ravi shankar #india #sitar #classical music #pashtun #bengal #allah rakha
by the_last_vestage_of_truth April 21, 2010
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The greatest Sitar player of all time, he played with George Harrison (The Beatles) a few times and was also playing at Woodstock, however was not included in the Woodstock movie.
Me: Ah Ravi Shankar is such a great artist
Guy at my school: What? I'm busy listening to N-Dubz
#indian #hindu #sitar #music #peace
by LookAtJohnWillJa January 29, 2011
Rhyming slang for wanker
"Oh him? Yeah, he's a bit of a Ravi Shankar."
#wanker #wank #tommy tank #masturbator #barclay's banker
by GeeLao November 22, 2012
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