This is a stripper name for a slutty girl who whores herself out to whoever asks. Typically has a new boyfriend every week, and wears clothes so skimpy you can almost always make out her camel toe. Bras are unheard of to this girl, her nipples are always poking out and she wears way to much makeup. Her vagina is the equal to what republicans think of the government, It's too big, services too many people, and nothing good will ever come out of it.
God Raven is such a slut!
by sock guy May 26, 2011
When something is really really cool means it is raven.
Dude, that shirt is so raven.
by Ralph Hale March 25, 2005
There are many definitions for raven.

So many, in fact, that raven can pretty much mean anything.

With that being said, Raven is pretty much the adjective equivalent of dude.....

2) Hey! it's Raven! That little kid who posted a funny definition of his name on "Urban Dictionary"!
by woopyfrood December 01, 2007
The dark, brooding hero of Glen Cook's cult-classic Black Company trilogy. A finely crafted yarn to say the least...
yea, Ravens the worst badass to ever cross my path...
by Elflord Ecthelion January 31, 2004
noun: an extremely sexy, 32 D blonde who everyone wants ;D

verb: the raven is a bitch!!!

origin: old english = white girl!!!
OH MY DAMN!!! Look at the fine Raven walking down the hall... she be looking mad sexy with that long blonde hair, i'd tap that.....
by Bexxx17 June 12, 2009
A girl who is willing to do anything when slightly drunk.
Dude, me and raven had one drink and 5 minutes later I was getting a blow job.
by Sam ming March 04, 2009
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