noun: an extremely sexy, 32 D blonde who everyone wants ;D

verb: the raven is a bitch!!!

origin: old english = white girl!!!
OH MY DAMN!!! Look at the fine Raven walking down the hall... she be looking mad sexy with that long blonde hair, i'd tap that.....
by Bexxx17 June 12, 2009
The dark, brooding hero of Glen Cook's cult-classic Black Company trilogy. A finely crafted yarn to say the least...
yea, Ravens the worst badass to ever cross my path...
by Elflord Ecthelion January 31, 2004
A crazy user on NZDC. Came from the depths of New Zealand.
20:19 <Raven> bad jc

20:18 <Raven> go to urbandictionary
20:18 <Raven> and look up raven
20:18 <Raven> and go to the 14th definition
by jconnop January 14, 2005
The hottest man alive, although he claims to not be sexy in all actuality he is.
OMG, that man is Raven.
by JoeyLoves November 16, 2005
Lexa Rae Simpson
Fat Gross Slut
caw caw, raven landing
by jjjjeeenniferrrrrrr March 27, 2009
A scavenger bird that feeds off dead animals or whatever edible garbage it finds.
The raven is perfectly adapted to city life because the abundance of trash and roadkill gives it less need to scavenge far and wide for food.
by AYB June 15, 2003
2000 year old vampire interested in the arts of weaponry seen working the Velvet Nation VIP entrance every weekend. Usually whittling away at her bone.
That bitch is almost as crazy as Raven.
by Anonnnn April 18, 2006

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