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a.k.a. Rongo. The world's greatest Rock 'N' Roll drummer. Musician, actor, painter, photographer, and songwriter. Played the drums for the best, The Beatles.

"Ringo was simply the best drummer in Liverpool. Ringo also had native wit. He didn't know when he was being funny. Ringo Talked in titles. We had to follow him around with a notebook and pencil. You never know what he would say next." -- Paul McCartney
Ringo was born July 7th, 1940.
by Jearcy October 13, 2004
Something you say when you are really pissed about something, especially the goverment.
"GOD DAMN YOU! Let gays marrie eachother! They have the same rights as all of us, plus they are cooler then you"
by Jearcy October 13, 2004
The slowest animal ever, it moves so slow that mold grows in its fur. They only go to the bathroom once a month because of low energy and they listen to ac/dc. They are hunted by the harpy eagle. They are about the size of a small dog, they either have 2 toes on each hand or 3. They come in many different colors from grey to a blondish color. they hang upside down in rainforest trees. To defend themselfs they use their sharp claws(toes). Sloths have very different facial features, a light color in the middle and the eyes are outlined in a dark color with a dark nose.
Okay so i made up the ac/dc part but sloths still rock. Save the rainforest, save sloths!
by Jearcy January 22, 2005
The most annoying fucking band ever.
Dumbass:HEY! have you heard that one song...by Rasmus? IN THE SHADOWS...OH OH
Me:Yeah they suck! I hate them! I hate you!
by Jearcy October 20, 2004

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