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Probably the most gorgeous girl on this planet. Her superbness is phenomenal. Although, scientist are still performing test to determine whether this is true. All real men, and some women, know her to be the most beautiful girl.
Elsa was looking beautiful today, she wore the infamous green shirt.
#hottest girl on the planet #beautiful #gorgeous #sexy #welsa
by Just a fan of Elsa January 24, 2006
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Very Extremely Shy Girl. She would be the nicest person on earth at times and the meanest person on earth at times. she loves to talk once she gets to know you. very secretive. very beautiful but not very popular.fashionista. watches fashion week many times. loves to bother people. never does something she doesn't want to do. not a moody person. and truly ELSA.
Elsa is the prettiest and meanest girl i ever met. she is mean but nice at times.
#pretty #weird #amazing #cool #smart
by Robert Hampson January 27, 2009
The girl you know from a distance..she seems very reserved but also quite interesting. Can't make up her mind about most anything..especially that one person she can't stop pining over.
Wow, she is such an Elsa. I don't understand her one bit.
#indecisive #contradictory #forgettable #incomplete #incredible
by Nancy B November 07, 2009
Twins with Jenna. They both have nice asses. ya'll jus be jeal
Just think nice ass and you've got an Elsa
by Elsa March 17, 2005
The only one to wait to love, says it and means it; also slang for being high
I didn't know the ingredients of the brownies, which is why I got elsa'd last night.
#elsa #elsad #elsa'd #eld #high #love #lover #loved
by Kiss Kissed October 21, 2007
someone who someone likes but she isnt over someone
eliot asked out elsa after school on friday but she said no because she wasnt over someone
#heartbraker #beautiful #nice #funny #sexy
by 0o0o0o0 November 24, 2007
a stubborn person who randomly breaks into song. Usually ditches relatives.
That person was a total elsa.
#annoying #douche #greg #llama #really
by SoBoReD67854319 March 27, 2015
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