"Raw Arse"
The burning raw feeling in your ass crack from when you didn't wipe well enough and/or when you go too long with moisture between your ass cheeks, after a while your arse will get raw and it'll burn.
"I got rarse today at work, it was awful"
by zerk January 02, 2007
Top Definition
expresses one's shock or surprise...
for example ... abdul says to jess, last night i made love to four girls at the same time... jess replies by saying RARSE
by abdulmojid;) April 14, 2010
If sommmet is rarse its an expression that its really good. However if u get Rarsed that means u've been battered or fucked
e.g, "man that track was rarse"
e.g, "this guy in town got propper rarsed by this knobheads in town last night"
by Adam aka SPLINTA September 17, 2003
To physically attack someone and beat them up.
'ima rarse you up 'nuff bad'
'your gona get rarsed tonight'
by Lydia Marie September 10, 2006
to go realy fast, either on foot or in a vehicle
we were driving down the motorway and this teik just rarsed right past us
by ice durg February 25, 2005
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