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The act of vomiting and diarrhea all at the same time, usually due to having a bad hangover, the flu or food poisoning.
Little Larry had a hangover so bad, he shvomitted most of Sunday.

by zerk May 07, 2008
A Beat by wifer is like a wife beater (white sleeveless shirt) but it's black instead. (Opposite of white is black.... opposite of someone who beats their wife is someone who get's beat by their wife)
"Charlie wore a beat by wifer to his best friends funeral, I know you're suppose to wear black at funerals but come on!"
by zerk April 20, 2009
a drink colored moustache you get from drinking Crush
"Derek and Rodrick used to always have crushtaches when they were kids."
by zerk January 12, 2007
"Raw Arse"
The burning raw feeling in your ass crack from when you didn't wipe well enough and/or when you go too long with moisture between your ass cheeks, after a while your arse will get raw and it'll burn.
"I got rarse today at work, it was awful"
by zerk January 02, 2007

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