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a really sweet boy who always seems to amaze people with his kindness. he knows the right things to say and always at the perfect time. when he walks into a room he puts a smile on everyone's face. he can be kinda dorky sometimes, but it makes him even more cute. you will never find anyone... ANYONE like him. and yeaa, he is kinda horny ;)

Randy: nooooo!
by cassie lynn July 24, 2010
A random grenade in Call of Duty.
A call out for a random 'Nade' without looking.
Oh, man I just got the sickest Randy ever.
by Bald Balls December 05, 2010
The act of hurting ones feelings or snagging over someone.
Matt called her a whore, he just randyed on her.

I threw up a pass and Jerome randyed on this small white dude
by TshOw23 January 11, 2012
Mildly used "gaming" term to describe random people met online through that console's online service.
"Hey that shadowarrior kid, do you actually know him or is he just a randy?"
by sdrawkcaB tlepS August 21, 2011
A random or unknown person: a stranger. Usually used by teens when referring to a random, creepin' stranger interacting with them out of nowhere.
Katie: Who is this randy bitch commenting all my pics?

Devine: Haha, I think She's some Creeper from Southside High.
by Cody Simpson-Bieber June 13, 2011
A inconsiderate prepubescent kid who uses runelocus or rsps community sites
Is that kid Randy from runelocus?
by Ikiliki November 22, 2011
a super curly haired tall dude who girls named breanna like. he's the most outgoing and funniest kid you'll meet in your life. i think he's cute too. he's the kind of person who doesn't care what others think of him even though he got picked on for a while. he also must look for reconing knowing his name means horny.
breanna:hey randy
randy;aaaaaaahhhhhh! i love cows
by wickawocka November 15, 2011
a person insane at what they do; better than beastly
That guy is a Randy at running the half mile!
by Polevault21 May 02, 2009