a really sweet boy who always seems to amaze people with his kindness. he knows the right things to say and always at the perfect time. when he walks into a room he puts a smile on everyone's face. he can be kinda dorky sometimes, but it makes him even more cute. you will never find anyone... ANYONE like him. and yeaa, he is kinda horny ;)

Randy: nooooo!
by cassie lynn July 24, 2010
A girl who loves to be fingered by other girls boyfriends
Look at Randy.. Didn't she get fingered by Mason?
by Djdoslskshdicopwndbcdkdfo February 13, 2014
The biggest asshole you will ever meet. When he's not training his dog to harass farm animals, he can usually be found in his pumpkin patch playing with himself and fondling literal melons.

Nobody likes him and his mom dresses him funny. He smells like macaroni and cheese and I'm 75% sure that he's an alien.
Randy is such an asshole.
by Toasttttt October 12, 2014
a super curly haired tall dude who girls named breanna like. he's the most outgoing and funniest kid you'll meet in your life. i think he's cute too. he's the kind of person who doesn't care what others think of him even though he got picked on for a while. he also must look for reconing knowing his name means horny.
breanna:hey randy
randy;aaaaaaahhhhhh! i love cows
by wickawocka November 15, 2011
A random grenade in Call of Duty.
A call out for a random 'Nade' without looking.
Oh, man I just got the sickest Randy ever.
by Bald Balls December 05, 2010
synthetic marijuana
mary jane's evil twin brother
Jack: let's go smoke randy dude
Dan: nah, man, that shit gives you seizures let's get some good ol' mary jane.
by shanaigansss April 06, 2012
Mildly used "gaming" term to describe random people met online through that console's online service.
"Hey that shadowarrior kid, do you actually know him or is he just a randy?"
by sdrawkcaB tlepS August 21, 2011
Slang for a joint/cigarette rolled by using Randy's Wired Rolling Papers. The paper has a wire running down its length, which makes it easier to pass the joint around when it's close to being burnt out.
Don't feel like hitting the bong today, let's roll a Randy
by Erm90 October 08, 2010

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