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When a person (male or female) places their lips upon a mans anus and use their hands (or feet if skills are at an advanced level) to jack the man off. The man must fart into the persons mouth before he ejaculates otherwise there is a "leak" in the air pump.
Steve really enjoys his hand jobs, but once in awhile he loves to get a good air-pump in.

Cindy tried the air-pump on Dave, but she couldn't work it hard enough and he filled her up like a balloon.
by thepartyBoy41 August 29, 2009
A word used to describe a random person in a place where everybody else seems to know everybody else.
Person 1- "This partys pretty tight, but who the fuck invited that randy?"

Person 2- "I don't know dude, but he came in with a bunch of other Randies."
by ThePartyBoy41 August 27, 2009

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