Pretty much the best word ever with many meanings and new ones are being discovered every day. Randy- a mans name; to be horny; a chimney (a slang term use by chimney sweeps); random; a class that sucks and none of your friends are in it.
Randy, your making me randy when you clean the randy, and when you act randy. Dammit! Now I have to go to randy class!
by tehgreatcalf,ft.Legitrabi November 30, 2010
Extremely horny.
Ur favorite character on South Park is Stan's Dad, 'cuz he's Randy!
by AWarnerS May 24, 2011
Somebody who isn't know very well, oftenly thinks they are better than everyone else.
MassiveChoons: hi guys
WiKi_KiKi: stfu gay randy
MassiveChoons: wow ur rude i will ddos u
WiKi_KiKi: ok soz m8 i call fbi now
by Zythril February 14, 2015
Cuban Porn star, Daffodil, Daffodil farmer, Alaskan Prostitute, A Randy has a extremely firm ass.
"See that Randy? He is the daffodil with the firmest ass I have ever grabbed on a Alaskan Prostitute Cuban Porn Star Daffodil terrorist titties dingle hopper farmer."
by Niggafarmer June 14, 2013
Random people who just show up to parties like they run the joint, and nobody likes them.
This party is beat because somebody let in the randies.
Who is this randy? (singular)
by McGnastybuttflex October 05, 2009
Randy is the short term word in virgi lang for Random. Not the males name.
Whose that randy ass motherfucker?

Whose that random ass motherfucker?

And some Randy, got me pregnant.
by Victory102 January 04, 2014
a person insane at what they do; better than beastly
That guy is a Randy at running the half mile!
by Polevault21 May 02, 2009

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