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Randy is a very sweet guy who stays true and faithful in a relationship. You're lucky if you ever meet a Randy because they are the best kinds of guys out there. They're the type of boyfriends who piss you off but then won't leave you alone until they make you smile. He has a true heart and is always there for you. All of the girls that know him, like him but he only has one girl in mind. He is very cute and always has a special smell to him. If you ever meet a Randy, you will never forget him.
Girl: Dang that boy Randy is cute
Boy: Yeah but he has a girlfriend and he stays faithful
Girl: Dang, I wish I was dating him he's so kind and sweet
Boy: Yeah he's a real keeper
by AliQ January 05, 2013
Randy is a feeling of arousal. To be "horny."
Becca, i'm feeling randy baby.
by rlvers December 16, 2011
the chosen one
knight in shining armor that comes to save the day whenever trouble is near. A man of great status that always gets what he wants.
randy is the knights of all knights
by the chosen one popcorn April 09, 2009
He's the type of guy who will put a smile on your face. He knows when something is wrong and tries to fix it with a hug and wipe away the tears. He is the bestest friend you can ever have. He is my bestest friend
Im lucky to have a randy in my life.
by bananabelly December 23, 2010
random people, also random people that piss you off.
-in Counter Strike when a random pub scrub kills you
or they get a random head shot
-randies can be bad hockey players too. if they are terrible and they just throw the puck at the net and then all of a sudden they get a random goal
-those randies are so bad
-i walked all of those randies in the mens league today and then this randy got the puck and roofed it top corner. he was a total bender.
by Alex Digirolamo April 15, 2007
Fancy, Or Excited.
I feel Randy right now!
by Jayley O'Clancy April 13, 2011
Random people who just show up to parties like they run the joint, and nobody likes them.
This party is beat because somebody let in the randies.
Who is this randy? (singular)
by McGnastybuttflex October 05, 2009