english word for horny
Blimey mate, I feel randy, I want to shag her
by hooder hooderman February 21, 2009
Randy is a feeling of arousal. To be "horny."
Becca, i'm feeling randy baby.
by Rlvers December 16, 2011
the chosen one
knight in shining armor that comes to save the day whenever trouble is near. A man of great status that always gets what he wants.
randy is the knights of all knights
by the chosen one popcorn April 09, 2009
He's the type of guy who will put a smile on your face. He knows when something is wrong and tries to fix it with a hug and wipe away the tears. He is the bestest friend you can ever have. He is my bestest friend
Im lucky to have a randy in my life.
by bananabelly December 23, 2010
random people, also random people that piss you off.
-in Counter Strike when a random pub scrub kills you
or they get a random head shot
-randies can be bad hockey players too. if they are terrible and they just throw the puck at the net and then all of a sudden they get a random goal
-those randies are so bad
-i walked all of those randies in the mens league today and then this randy got the puck and roofed it top corner. he was a total bender.
by Alex Digirolamo April 15, 2007
1. A felling of sexual excitment.
2. A random noob you find in a video game. Also refered to as randi
Christine "im so randy right now"
Ewan "you randi, learn to play!"
by Plungie January 18, 2014
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