Once upon a time Uma Thurman jumped off a building into a pile of goo which was left behind when Mr. McDonald and his army of angry woodland creatures swept up her mama and the ex-Circle, defined to make people feel bad. Chickens will kill the mutant ninja turtles and everyone will grow dreadlocks and yell, " I WANT THE T-SHIRT "!
Guy: Hello Charlene.
by Hyper Girl December 10, 2004
A non sequitur.
A statement or phrase that is unrelated to the topic of discussion.
"Okay, that was random."
by Bob Hu January 08, 2004
when you say something pointless that is off subject and it makes no since what so ever and it doesnt have a meaning
emma and lydia

emma- hey bobuca what tis you be doing tonight
lydia- nuttin jo jo jus about to go over the the banana and mate it with a pinapple to create a banapinapple
emma- hmm.. have u ever wondered what it would be like to be dressed up in so much clothes that you were like a giant ball of fluff. Who was really hyper. So you would be a hyper ball of fluff.
lydia- the wall
by emma December 29, 2003
a person who you bump into, normally in a club or a festival campsite, who comes up and talks to you, and you have a long pointless conversation. normally the random and yourself are pissed when said conversation occurs. if in a festival campsite, give the random a beer, or wine or dope.
We' were getting stoned at Glasto, when this random wearing a Velvet Underground T-Shirt came into our circle and chatted to us about his vision he had.
by wonderfool December 01, 2003
something said or done that is a little out of left field or a bit wierd, perhaps in a humorous way
sare: so yeah, then I walk up to her and I'm like -

theeph: I think a small snail is masticating upon my foot.

sare: Huh. Well that was random.
by Sahara October 04, 2003
a stranger. something unfamiliar
so where did you meet this random?
by ryen March 11, 2003
a thing or action out of the ordinary
That was so random.
by higher pie January 27, 2003

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