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Being random is fun, all my friends are random. But I am but a humble person, so I must abide by the nonsensical humour of my fellow friendlings and be random too.
Cheese. =] Ims random.
by SarahTheSpectacular January 01, 2008
Alright everyone has been saying cheese is random, W-T-F.
Cheese is the most popular random word but the frigen most retarted, as shown i will give you a perfect example of Random.

Random- Saying somthing that makes absolutly no sence but sounds wierd and fun so that you and your friends can call people it and laugh histericly.

Or maby one that makes more sence,...

Random- Somthing that makes absolutly no sence. Somthing that many kids like to do to make their friends laugh and just have fun.
Random- Well just saying, my PURPLE DINOUSAUR is an EMOSAUSAGE. It has a UNIBROW, and MASSIVE BUTT PUBES. It likes lady dragons ASS CHEEKS because when he BREATHES FIRE on her ass cheeks it makes them warmer than warm, but he also likes the SHIT that comes out of that lady dragons ass cheeks, just like MOTHER GOOSE and MICKYMOUSE, because they are always telling rabbits that TRICKS ARN'T FOR KIDS.

Now to sum this all up= Purple dinosaur emosausage unibrow massive butt pubes ass cheeks breathes fire shit mother goose mickymouse tricks arn't for kids.

Into a run on, Purple dinosaur's emosausage's unibrow likes massive butt pubes and ass cheeks while it breathes shit fire out its mother goose with its friend mickymouse while they shout "tricks arn't for kids".

As you can see many random sentances can become other sentances that are just as good and make the same amount of sence,... NOTHING
by Sabored March 26, 2007
lol, cheese
lol, llama
lol, spork
lol, duck
That shit is random!!!!
by Kamete March 08, 2007
Random, acting or doing things that are in some way weird. A person who is random may also be classified as a tool. Someone who is random may have a mental condition, severe uglyness syndrome or even be from a different country and does not speak your language.
Person A; says something toatally out of context whilst in converstion with person B.
Person B says; Fuck off you random son of a bitch.
Originated in Canberra, Australia
by MC DARA March 11, 2006
random randomness is out of the blue used commanly by mindless and moronic teenagers in an attempt to seem humerous and popular among here piers.
bob: hello fred , how are you today?

fred: the yellow monkey attacked the weather man because he stole his cheese covered muffins in an attempt to save the world from the apocolapse and the end of biscuit farms everywhere.

Bob:my , how random.
by Nikki the saint February 03, 2006
When something is completely expected and not at all inexplicable. I can only assume the masses are being ironic when they use this word for this definition. Causes confusion among the older generations.
Dave: "Hey Steve, you see that air vent on the wall?"
Steve: "I do, Dave."
Dave: "It's placement is totally random."
Steve: "Woah! So it is."
by ShaunDaily January 16, 2006
People who bother defining a very common word, that clearly has little to do with slang, after there are already 7 pages of definitions, of which roughly 2 are relevant.
Randomness is for hypocrites.
by NOT alex. Hehe. December 21, 2004