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Pronounced: Ra-mos.

Standard definition:
1. To extend out in branches.
2. Palms or palm branches, from "Domingo dos Ramos," a Catholic feast day known as Sunday of the Palms or Palm Sunday.

Modern definition:
3. To perform a task with accuracy, quality and efficiency.
1. The genealogy Ramos was quite large.
2. The Ramos offered much shade.
3. He Ramos'ed that shot.
by Reaper351 January 16, 2011
A very busy or crowded place.
I can't get to the bar, it's ramos!
by CarlosRamos August 07, 2011
The act of running twice in one day which also grants one entry to the Running Hall of Fame. One must be a well trained athlete in order to complete a Ramo efficiently.
Him: Hey where did you go?
Me: Oh I just got back from my second run for the day.
Him: Oh wow - you pulled a Ramo! You're a stud; welcome to the Running Hall of Fame.
by Gruteman June 09, 2013
ramo cool antonym of omar
hi my name is ramo, how can i help you?
by Sexygal February 09, 2007
"the bump on a red salamander's nutsack"
The creature's ramo left it feeling extremely uncomfortable.
by Mistah Meesch January 07, 2008
a word for a teacher that drones on a subject forever.
see Freshman Seminar or Frosh Sem.
"omfg, did he just mention job shadowing again?"
"yeah, he's such a ramos".
by Brittney Sade December 06, 2006

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