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The art of washing your entire vehicle with the sponge/squegee at the gas pump in less time than it takes to fill your gas tank.
Hey watch this. I'll give my truck a Bum Bath before my tank is full.
by Gruteman October 02, 2012
The moment a person erupts with rage due to a vending machine either not having what this person wants or not dispensing it completely leving it hanging on the spiral hook (already paid for.) Said persons have been known to bang on the glass, yell (sometimes including obscenities), rock the machine to try and shake their item off the hook or even break the glass to get their item.
Me: Dude it's just a candy bar; chill out.
Me: Here have a dollar and buy another one. Just shut up.
Guy: Whew - thanks man.
by Gruteman October 02, 2012
The polar opposite of Going Comando. This usually happens when its too cold to Go Comando therefor you end up wearing at least one (or more) layer(s) of undergarments to keep the nether region warm.
Me - Dude what took you so long in the bathroom? You nearly missed the entire 3rd quarter.
Him - Sorry. I'm Going Canadian and it took me forever to get through all those layers.
by Gruteman October 02, 2012
People who are in the worst shape who think they'll get in the best shape by doing the most intense exercises possible as fast as possible such as Cross Fit. The are easily noticed because the only thing they talk about is Cross Fit and eventually sustain a life long injury due to destroying a joint such as a hip, knee, shoulder, etc or a combo of joints or dropping a barbell on their throat.
Question - Hey what's up with Barb? She hasn't spoken all day?
Answer - Oh she blew out both knees and a hip then dropped a 300 lb barbell on her head over the weekend doing Cross Fit. Dr's said she'll be lucky to ever walk again.
Reply - Oh - that's right. She's one of those Cross Fitiots. Well at least we don't have to listen to her talk about squats and dead lifts any more.
by Gruteman June 02, 2014
The ultra cool act of running two 5 mile runs in one day; also known as a Ramo-Gabe. Both runs must be separate events and 5 miles or in 5 mile increments.
Him: Dude, don't tell me you ran again today.
Me: Yep, I ran 5 miles this morning and just now finished another 5 mile run.
Him: WOW! You ran 2 Gabes in one day. You're a Hall of Famer! I'm impressed!
Me: Ya - I love the Ramo-Gabes.
by Gruteman June 09, 2013
Suffering from a lack of sleep due to staying up all night watching the Olympics.
Boss: Hey Berditzman! Are you sleeping at your desk? Me: Huh oh yeah. Sorry, boss. I'm suffering from a bad case of Olympnia. I haven't gotten to bed before midnight all week.
by Gruteman August 03, 2012
The act of running twice in one day which also grants one entry to the Running Hall of Fame. One must be a well trained athlete in order to complete a Ramo efficiently.
Him: Hey where did you go?
Me: Oh I just got back from my second run for the day.
Him: Oh wow - you pulled a Ramo! You're a stud; welcome to the Running Hall of Fame.
by Gruteman June 09, 2013

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