Rammstein is the new orange.
These new Rammstein shirts are SO much cooler than our stupid old orange shirts.
by Joey November 10, 2004
German Metallica. Theres just really no other way to decribe them. They are awesome, even if I cant understand much of what they're saying...
Rammstein is awesome!
by The McManus March 14, 2006
to perform oral sex on a man while jiggling your fingers on said persons beanbag ( like playing a guitar) and using free hand to fist the guy. This takes large amounts of coordination and skill. To practice, first squat a little bit and pull up your pant legs for maximum comfort. Start by using your weak hand (depends on if you are left or right handed) to jiggle. Second, begin to bob your head in a forward-backwards motion as if performing oral sex. Then use your strong hand to pump your fist up and down ( kind of like you're giving someone the finger repeatedly but with a fist). This will take some practice and looks hilarious when you do it without a willing rammstein recipient. It's kind of like rubbing your stomach and patting your head, but way harder. Try it with your friends.
Hey Steve, when you get a free moment, do you think you could rammstein me?

I pulled a muscle last time I gave a rammstein.
by gray spot January 13, 2010
Military base in Germany.
Boss: "Whats your favorite band?"
Me: "rammstein"
Boss: "What? Thats a base in Germany!"
Me: "errr .... whatever"
by Blutsauger March 19, 2004
Interchangeably used word to indicate emotion...can be used as "Smurf". Usually means to "kick ass"
"Dude....that show was Rammstein"...or "What the hell do you mean he got eaten by a bear..that's fucking Rammstein"
by Scurvy Bird October 17, 2003
Aside for anti-semitism and beer, the best thing that ever came out of germany
rammstein roooarrh !
by Rammsteinick January 16, 2005
A German rock pop band with a heavy singer till lindermann and amazing drummer christoph schneider and gitarists richard b. and paul l.
bass oliver and key boardist flake
their most famous songs are du hast sonne du richest so gut ich will (links234)fever fri and engel.
links234 zwitter du richest so gut duhast sonne herzeleid bestraf mich and many more check this s**t out gut auf
by adnan ja January 01, 2004
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