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Means autumn in German. Of Hebrew decent.
MAN: Hey, I'm Jeff Rodgers.
WOMAN: Hey, I'm Juliet Herbst
MAN: Are you German?
WOMAN: Yes, I'm also Hebrew.
by Jelii Bean May 31, 2009
The verb 'to herbst' is derived from the name of an individual who was a short-standing but keen member of the moves team in a Southampton based company. He was famed for his love of barbequed food and his odd time recording skills. The original incarnation of the verb 'to herbst' was in relation to his accidental dropping of a metallic leg panel down the shaft of a lift, comically sliding from the desk to which it was formerly attached through the narrowest of gaps between the lift car and the floor landing whilst attempting to manoeuvre the desk out of the lift. From this day "to accidentally drop something down the shaft of a lift" is know known as "to herbst".
I've herbsted my desk leg panel down a lift shaft" to break something "I've hersted a vase
by Jokeef whiharr July 02, 2010
1. going spastic on another person verbally.
2. cradle robber
1. Craig pulled a herbst on John.
2. Did you see Joe's new girl? Yeah, he's herbsting her.
by ring-tailed lemur September 28, 2007
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