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A band who unfortunately in north america has just been taken as a novelty or gimmick, if you understand german or read the translations of the lyrics you'll find its some pretty deep intelligent shit that deals with love,hate,anger,joy,life and death. and what an awesome laungage to compliment heavymetal music. even if you cant understand german its still worth listening to the rich powerful driven music, and hey you can just imagine they are singing about whatever happens to be going thru your head, thats what makes it so great.
Jetzt stehst du da an der Laterne
hast Tränen im Gesicht
das Abendlicht verjagt die Schatten
die Zeit steht still und es wird Herbst
#german #rock #industrial #metal #power
by n.bishop November 16, 2006
an overweight female, whose major interests usually include chocolates, television and laying around.
damm lets get the hell out of this bar, it is full of twonkies
#obese #chick #skank #chocolate #televison
by n.bishop November 18, 2006
a crazy sick ass drink made by mixing equal parts of whiskey,vodka,gin,rum and teqila in a giant bucket and mixing it with an old boot.
Damm that slosh juice done fucked me up.
#booze #hooch #drunk #firewater #alcohol
by n.bishop November 16, 2006
Emo kid /// just look up queer, idiot or fag
quit yer fucking whinning you damm emo kid, yall need to be put into a war or something to straigten you out. damm
#queer #homo #fag #fairy #idiot
by n.bishop November 16, 2006
the greek equilevent of the word fag or prick
boosty is the greek word for prick or fag
#greek #gay #queer #fag #prick
by n.bishop November 18, 2006
a scrapper is a guy who is a homosexual but dosent really realize it, he wants attention from and is subconsiously attracted to other males and the only way he really knows how to deal with this is by picking fights with them.
yo scrapper dudes get a life.
#closet case #homo #fight #confused #gay
by n.bishop November 16, 2006
A stoner is a fucking idiot whose memory is no better than a goldfish. never trust or count on a stoner to do anything cause they sure as hell aint going to remember to do it. and dont even bother trying to help or teach them anything cause they dont have a learning curve. stoners are fucking losers who cant deal with lifes problems without being blazed out of there mind.
you'll have a conversation with the stoner at work and the next day theyll bring up the same dumb shit you had just talked about 12 hours earlier having tottally forgot they ever had the conversation in the first place.
#shithead #retard #idiot #burnout #loser
by n.bishop November 15, 2006
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