A freeze-dried block of survival.

Contrary to popular belief, use of stove is not required to prepare this meal of many flavours. No real measurements are needed. Just a bowl, some water, the ingredients in the package and a microwave oven. Approximately 1 minute and 20 seconds on high will do the trick.
I've actually found ramen on sale for seven cents a package.
by Bluefunoodle311 August 14, 2004
ramen: the best food to eat when you can't afford anything more than 30 cents, a brick of dried noodles that you boil for 2 minutes and then throw in the condensed powder flavoring and... wa-la!
bill: hey, guess we're down to our last dimes. we'll starve.

bob: you kidding? we'll live off ramen noodles.

by kristen June 28, 2003
The kind of noodles you buy at discount stores for 10 cents a bag. Nuke em for 3 minutes and have a complete meal in any flavor you want, chicken, beef, shrimp, even chili.
What kind of Ramen noodles should i eat today? lets check the official calender and see which one of the 365 flavors they recommend.
by Jambolito May 24, 2003
A very hot man. A light-skinned, very handsome and charming man of South Asian Decent. Typically Punjabi.
1. Brad Pitt is looking very Ramanish today.
2. Damn that sexy ass dude look Raman!
by Rohan February 07, 2005
Magical joy-giving substance made of most mysterious reagents. Often coupled with water in cauldron bubble to unleash the power of the joy.
Double, double, ramen and trouble
Fire burn and cauldron bubble!
by Lucas November 04, 2003
A college student's staple food, given that most of the poor kid's money will go directly towards tuition and rent.
8 packets of Ramen noodles for a dollar. Not a bad deal at all, since that's all most students can afford until their next paychecks.
by AYB July 30, 2003

Some damn good eatin'! Comes in countless flavors and two packagings (either a cup or a bag....or even a whole box of either one!). It's also quite inexpensive! ^_^
"The part I don't get is that, although ramen is japanese-origin, ramen is defined in my japanese dictionary as 'chinese noodles floating in broth'. Chinese noodles are called 'lo mein', and are very different from ramen (they often aren't in broth)...then again, unlike my brother, I haven't tried 'Tokyo Ramen'; I have Maruchan. There's much to learn.....especially about food. ^.^"
by Dave February 11, 2004
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