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A slang word meaning Sex in spanish.
Rakata, Rakata, Si se me pega voy a darle... - Wisin y Yandel "Rakata"
by LaLoka October 20, 2005
A word used in a reggaeton song sung by wisin y yandel it really has no meaning in particular its just a filler word really the song is about sex so if u want to associate rakata with anything u can associate it with sex
Rakata Rakata si se me pega voy a darle Rakata Rakata esta noche quiero hacerle
Rakata Rakata si se me pega voy a darle
Rakata Rakate ehhh me toca a mi
by Garrett likes women August 23, 2008
Cuban slang for having sex. The word Rakata (repeated over and over) imitates the sound that furniture makes when 2 people are having sex.
As in the reggaeton song by Wisin y Yandel
"Rakata, rakata
Si se me pega voy a darle
Rakata, rakata
Esta noche quiero hacerle
Rakata, rakata"
by Perreo Mami October 30, 2011
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