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It's when a girl dances really close to a boy (or sometimes another girl) with her back toward him and her face faceing the opposite of his. Usually dancing to hip-hop or reggaeton. In english it's like the word juke.
Me gusta perrear. Quiero que me perrees
by stylzs February 13, 2007
in Spanish, the word used to define the way people dance reggeton, in which a boy and a girl are face to face or the boy behind the girl and they dance at the same time, really close together.
i want to perrear like in puerto rico, where there is a lot of perreo
by gummybears:) March 07, 2010
Spanish slang.

Perrear from perro,-a.
Engage in sexual intercourse. Fuck. Screw.
Estoy muerto, no he hecho nada mas que perrear todo el fin de semana
by Mia84 August 21, 2006
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