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See Rule or Royalty

Ruler and/or King. In modern terms, pretty much meaning the leader.
'Yo. He's the Raj on this block.'
by ZeroFuser January 02, 2005
A term used to describe those who dislike imported vehicles, whether or not they are cosmetically enhanced. They prefer to call the owners of these vehicles "Ricers", therefore they in turn are called "Breaders". Breaders typically own an unmodified and/or cosmetically distasteful domestic vehicles (be it by rust or dirt).

See "Bread".
"Yo. That guy who crashed his cavalier through the wall at the import show is such a Breader."
"I guess that's why Breaders never take showers. They don't rust-proof themselves."
by ZeroFuser April 02, 2007
"Barely Running Extemely Adverse Domestic" car
"Badly Rusted Extremely Adverse Domestic" car.

Was developed as a retort to the popular term "Rice" which is widely used by owners of domestic vehicles, who show jealousy towards well cosmetically and/or internally impressive imported cars. This jealousy is usually invoked by the fact that their own vehicles do not have such enhancements.

The term Bread is used usually by drivers of imported vehicles to describe rusted and/or cosmetically unmodified domestic vehicles (due to either lazyness or lack of care).

Syn: Mashed Potato. Tater. Bagel. Fries. Etc.

Ant: Rice. Sushi. Fresh off the Boat. Etc.
"Yo man. That Camaro is SO bread. He didn't do a thing to it."
"Check out that Pontiac 6000. Rusted out bread mobile; It's muffler's dragging on the ground!"
by ZeroFuser April 02, 2007

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