a gay pakistani cat who lives with his mom who looks exactly like him.
the music on that redbeard game is so raj.
by glitterkitten July 06, 2011
a rage, to go mental
He went raj when he caught his girlfriend sleeping with his father.
by tipseee September 06, 2005
defines someone who may be from the ferry or hilton area of inverness (scotland) looks bad, smells bad & speaks in mainly slang. also enjoys swearing and drinking cheap alcohol such as buckfast and cider.
they tend to wear cheap tracksuits, big hoop earings and usally have their first 5 children by the age of 17.
<i> wooo look at that raj lying on the pavement</i>
by kimmyb March 25, 2007
Commonly used around old people to tell your friend to roll a jay!
Friend #1: RAJ!
Friend #2: No, you RAJ.
Friend #1: You got material?
Friend #2: Ja.
Friend #1: Hmm.. aight.. hook me up.
by ru55 aka Anyway 55 May 07, 2006
Get an incredibly gaint hardon
Look hes got a raj on
by poooo September 10, 2005
To be annoyed with someone.
"my mam's in a massive raj"
by jess___x June 18, 2008
An infinite verb; the equivalent of algebraic language. Can be used to replace any other verb.
I'm going for a raj OR I'd raj her OR I was having a bab and loads of blood radjed our
by Kieron J Casey May 15, 2006

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