Raissa is not a very common name, except in the Philippines. It can be pronounced in many different ways. She is usually a nice girl that has a great personality and always puts everyone before her, even though she knows she will have to worry about herself. Very sweet and always happy looking.
GIRL: Have you seen Raissa? I need to get advice from her.
BOY: Yea, she's over there!
by teenagedreamkatyperryyeeee October 07, 2010
Used to describe the hottest girl known to man (or woman).
Man 1: Phoar! that girl is Raissa!!!
Hot Girl 1: Oh yea, I'd go lesbian for that
by trustme6666 May 14, 2010
What you say when you get dumped by your girlfriend.
Hot Girlfriend (For this example, her name is Eva): I don't think we should see each other anymore.

Ugly Boyfriend: Raissa!!!! (In sob-like state)
by Ihearthuckabees201 August 20, 2007
Brazilian slang for 'difficult'.
"God, this is so raissa!"
by gaycation August 29, 2008

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