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The most amazing girl in the world. She really is everything a guy could ask for. She's perfect. Straight up perfect.

She's beautiful, even though she'll deny it to no end.

She may think she's stupid, but she's one of the brightest people I know.

She has the voice of an angel.

She's the most generous and selfless person you could ever come across. She'd do anything for anyone.

She spreads love around like peanut butter.

Her smile is contagious; she walks into a room and it's immediately the place to be.
She smells good too...and her hair, oh God her hair.
She knows I love her, but I don't think she realizes how much I love her.
If I could, I would give her the world; I try, but it's to no avail.
So anyway. This has gone from description of what a "Raya" is to a sappy pathetic something or other written by a poor old hopless romantic. HA

Have a nice day!
Guy 1: Did you see that girl eating rainbows and pooping sunshine?

Guy 2: Yeah, must've been a Raya.

Guy 1: What a babe!!!
by Knis Copper November 30, 2010
an Israeli name meaning "friend". Girls with this name are often beautiful, bright, spunky, and lively. Their bad traits are being moody, bossy, and co-dependent.
Raya just bitch-slapped her brother when he was irritating her.
Raya loves to dance and sing.
by ShannonOk June 30, 2008
The most amazing girl ever! She is so sexy, hilarious, caring, smart, lovable, strong and independent. She would do anything for people especially those she really cares about. All guys are attracted to her and want to be with her. Any guy who has a Raya in his life is the most lucky person in the whole wide world and be sure to never let her go. She can make anyone laugh and always cheers me up when I'm feeling down. Has the most beautiful big brown eyes and dark hair and her smile can light up the whole room. She is absolutely breathtaking and stunning. She is so beautiful inside and out. Also a very classy, sophisticated and independent young woman. She is a true goddess!!
Guy 1: Dude do you know Raya?

Guy 2: yeah man she's so unbelievably gorgeous and funny
Guy 1: I know, she is the girl of my dreams
by Thomasdupont November 04, 2012
AKA as rayyraaaayy, Lovable person, The most gaseous person alive, an Alessandra Ambrosio wannabe look-alike, Joyful most of the time, only ingests Vegetarian food, Big Mac without the beef is its favourite meal, has abnormal disproportional brain cells leading to very weird thinking most of the time, easily amused and entertained, enjoys sick material eg. scary kids and disgusting bugs, partially blind without her monocle, Believes in ghosts, allergic to the sun and is known to get sun poisoning when tanning, enjoys watching "one guy one cup", loves creepy stuff and films with rape scenes, gay bars and Children beating adults. Lesbian at times. believes to be taller than everyone.

Could also be associated with Rayeine a combination of Raya and Reine.
1. "Ugh!... what's that sound?"
"oh it's nothing. he is being Raya and just downed his beer and burped"

2. "I loved watching that show about the scariest kids in hollywood history, i also enjoyed the Movie with the the deadly bugs"
"mate stop being so Raya"
by shmayzen August 21, 2009
A sexy ass arab girl that has a fat ass, a small waste, and perfect tits. Her face is pure perfection and people usually refer to Raya as the prettiest middle eastern girl they've ever seen. Has black hair, big brown eyes, and hands down the easiest person to talk to. But no guy messes with her because they're all afraid of her older brother.
John: Oh damn, whos that sexy bitch sitting over there?
Sam: Thats raya. The hottest girl alive.
by itsrichbitch August 25, 2010
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