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Someone who files Bullsh** charges against another person to get them in trouble even if they're 100% innocent.
Someone called the cops on me for an offense I never commited just to get me arrested. What a railroader!
by RP Perez May 25, 2008
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taking a huge, solid, one piece dump that you swear is like 8 feet long.
I feel 6 pounds lighter after dropping that railroader.
by ric_IH November 17, 2007
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One who sits on his arse in a northern hovel all day posting inane remarks on internet forums and eating pies.
That Railroader, he's a right twat he is
by oldbiged October 01, 2011
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Often referred to as "Roaders"...the Railroaders are the amazingly awesome mascot of tiny Brunswick, MD. Railroaders are loud and proud of what others often refer to as an idiotic mascot name, when in fact...Railroaders are the BEST! Garnet and Gold all the way!
Railroaders...YOU CAN'T STOP A TRAIN!

The Brunswick Railroaders are going to kick the Middletown Knights BUTTS tonight!
by therightstuff88 February 01, 2011
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