another term for fag, originating from the character Raiden of the Metal Gear Series for being an extreme definition of the word FAGGOT. Not to be used in an offensive manner towards homosexuals, but as a joke
Guy 1: Dude he can't even fill out an application form right

Guy 2: So Raiden
by Will I Be July 10, 2008
The Queer looking one in mgs2 (metalgear solid 2) and then in mgs3 konami ( game producer) made a guy in a man thong that looks identical too him, hardly helped but mgs fans should watch sum trailers for mgs4 because hes a kick ass ninja this time round!
guy: LOL played mgs2 again last night, Raiden is such a ponce
other guy: Yeah but have you seen him in mgs4?! hes a ninja!
by <-GHANDI-> August 17, 2007
1. A character from Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty, who is widely-hated by the majority of MGS fans because he is in fact a tool, and needs to get kicked in the nuts.

2. The name 50 Cent gives to his subway sandwiches and his dyslexic sex slaves.
"Little mama geese goes moo moo moo."

"Raiden, I've been sleeping with your mother, and/or wife."
by Dylan92 May 04, 2007
The gay-est MGS character ever playable.

When finished sons of liberty//substance on very easy, and easy, play on normal to see Raiden with a gay pair of glasses.
In the normal difficulty, equip the infinity wig to see Raiden look like Elton John (most probably Raiden' gay idol).
Shit, Raiden looks really gay, like Elton john. No offence to Elton - he da man.....or the woman?.....or confused.
by G-UNIT March 15, 2005
raiden can be used to discribe any gay person that you dont like because lets face it mgs 2 would be an awesome game if it didnt have raidne in it and even the presidnt in mgs thinks raiden is a woman hence the gay ass groin grabbing scene man that is mentally scarring and also the naked bit is not nice to avoid being scarred by naked raidne equip a box as soon as you find it then u can be semi clothed and not have to look at gay boy raiden.
me: dude come out and stop being a raiden

random mate4: nah i dnt want to come out i want to stay in a download gay porn insted of gettin pissed with fuck loads of girls and my mates.
by generic boy7 June 26, 2006

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