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A term similar to the "N" word in its power to insult, unique to Northwest Connecticut. Refers to lower than low white trash. Winsted residents are sure it refers to some people from Norfolk. Norfolk residents think raggies come from Torrington. Torrington people believe that raggies live in Winsted. And so on.

At the Greenwoods School in Winsted, calling another kid a "raggie" was cause for detention. Mothers would wash the mouth of any child who used the "R" word.

White trash have a car on blocks in the yard, & a couch on the porch. Raggies typically have a couch on the lawn and a car on the porch.

Look out for a two year old raggie throwing rocks at passing traffic. (Route 44, Route 8)

by Dave Q It November 10, 2007
A typical "raggie" is a resident - life-long or import - of Winsted, CT. A typical "raggie" can be defined as follows: 1.) Enjoys everything about Cumberland Farms and The Donut Station.
2.)Can be seen regularly doing "hot laps" from BP (Now Sunoco) to Winsted Savings Bank and back in a car that is typically worth more than their house.
3.)Most raggies have a brood of offspring who they take to the annual Winsted Fireman's Carnival and parade down Main St.
4.)Most raggies, from time to time, enjoy going to Holland Beach, wearing nothing more than a wife-beater (white tank-top)and/or dirty jean cut-offs.
5.) As Winsted has the most bars-per-square-mile of any Connecticut town of it's size, many raggies have developed life-long drinking problems. This leads to loss of their licenses, increasing their dependency on bicycles for transportation of themselves and their Miller High Life.
6.)Many bike-riding raggies can be seen in Winsted typically between the hours of 8 p.m. and 3 a.m. (and at all parades and town events)
"Look at that raggie hanging out of the parking lot of the donut station"
by JessUrban August 31, 2006
1 . A term that is used, almost exclusively by residents of Northwestern Connecticut, in a derogatory fashion. 2. A name once given to the workers of charcoal pits on Mt. Riga, located in Salisbury,CT, to label those who were of a poor working class ( mostly Dutch immigrants ). The ash and soot from the charcoal burning pits would force these workers to tie handkerchiefs or "rags" to their faces in order to filter the acrid air. The term "raggies" refers to their use of these rags.
"Raggies would often come down from the mountain , for lunch, to eat in downtown Salisbury"
by purple octopus October 16, 2009
A derogatory word used in northern Litchfield County, Ct. It derives from Mt. Riga, a mountain that was populated with poor hillbillies, mostly of Dutch descent. The term started in the Salisbury/ Canaan area and moved to Winsted and Torrington. It now refers to those of lower incomes.
Those raggies are nothing but trouble.
by stedlaw May 29, 2009
A term commonly used to describe the resident of Winsted, CT in the Northwest part of the state. A raggie refers to a person who can often be mistaken as a smelly homeless person; they wear the same clothes just about every day, they wear British Knights and BUM sweatshirts. They are poor and their parents are on welfare; they have a large raggie family tree. They are often the brunt of jokes; it is not good to be known as a raggie.
I can't shop at IGA on Main St., that is where all of the raggies go.
by CNTBAG February 18, 2009
People or Persons living in or originally from Winsted, Connecticut. Term used to describe most people that are different from a certain group.
"He's a raggie, he lives in Winsted"
"She's a raggie, she wears weird clothes"
et cetera.
by Mayor Good November 26, 2006
a raggie is not a person who is from Winsted, CT. The term raggie comes from Mt. Riga and the locals in Lakeville and Salisbury, CT call it Mt. Raggy. SO! A true and honest raggie or Raggy is a long time local of Lakeville, Salisbury, or Taconic who have spent many a summer day; fishing, swimming, kayaking, or boating on Mt. Riga.
I have lived in Lakeville my entire life, and every summer I go to my cabin on Mt. Riga, we call the year-rounders up there Raggies.
by Tryler Pat December 20, 2008
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