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1 definition by JessUrban

A typical "raggie" is a resident - life-long or import - of Winsted, CT. A typical "raggie" can be defined as follows: 1.) Enjoys everything about Cumberland Farms and The Donut Station.
2.)Can be seen regularly doing "hot laps" from BP (Now Sunoco) to Winsted Savings Bank and back in a car that is typically worth more than their house.
3.)Most raggies have a brood of offspring who they take to the annual Winsted Fireman's Carnival and parade down Main St.
4.)Most raggies, from time to time, enjoy going to Holland Beach, wearing nothing more than a wife-beater (white tank-top)and/or dirty jean cut-offs.
5.) As Winsted has the most bars-per-square-mile of any Connecticut town of it's size, many raggies have developed life-long drinking problems. This leads to loss of their licenses, increasing their dependency on bicycles for transportation of themselves and their Miller High Life.
6.)Many bike-riding raggies can be seen in Winsted typically between the hours of 8 p.m. and 3 a.m. (and at all parades and town events)
"Look at that raggie hanging out of the parking lot of the donut station"
by JessUrban August 31, 2006
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