A negro with mental retardation. Nick-named for being in love with the radio.
Cuba Gooding Jr. as Radio
by Cheriallys December 27, 2008
Top Definition
1)See "payola".

2)Doesn't care about putting out great music anymore. Only cares about making money.

3)Deceives its listeners into believing that they play the most requested songs. In reality, radio plays "THE RIGHT PRICE" (i.e. the song that the record label paid them the most to play.)

4) See number 1.

5) See number 1 again and again!!

The overwhelming majority of songs that you hear on today's commercial radio are played because the radio station got PAID to play those songs.
by United Against Payola August 22, 2006
Hands down the worst way to find REAL music. The radio only plays what they WANT you to hear. Today, they just want you to hear songs that only talk about Sex, Partying. And playing music for the money, the power, and the so called fame.

The radio is really annoying, They play the same 10 songs that are "in" NON-STOP, ALL DAY & EVERYDAY.
Man I can't listen to the radio anymore, they play the same crap pop music every FUCKING day!
by Borgie Baby October 19, 2011
Term used in the Los Angeles County Jail to tell inmates to shut up so the Deputy can hear his police radio while walking on the row. Usually "radio" will be yelled by a shot caller in the module or a trustee. If the tier or row is too loud and the deputy gets pissed off, there is a high probability that the duputy will shut off the phones, search cells, or find other ways to cause suffering to the inmates.
"Hey baker row. Radio!! Deputy walking front to back!"
by Coocoo December 25, 2007
A once novel concept completely and utterly destroyed by Clear Channel, which owns every radio station and only plays three shitty songs in steady rotation.
I just heard this song three minutes ago on the radio!
by combat_rock November 08, 2003
There are many different types of radio receiving circuits:
-Crystal (see above)
-Tuned Radio Frequency (TRF)
Modern radios are superheterodyne. The superheterodyne circuit replaced the TRF and regenerative circuits by the 1930's, and crystal sets were nearly dead until solid state radio emerged.
by BlastMaster June 06, 2003
1. A device that uses crystals and wire to pick up a signal sent through packs of waves through the air to produce sound
2.a box that plays shitty music
1. in electronics class we had to make a radio
2. that cd sounds just like the radio
by norbert April 13, 2003
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