1) A form of wireless communications in which the output of the transmitter takes the form of dissipating electromagnetic radiation which spreads outward from the antenna through free space. The signal strength drops off as the square of the distance from the source of radiation. Distant radio receivers have to be very sensitive to detect signals that can measure only a few microvolts per meter in strength.

2) A communications device allowing the wireless transmission through space of audible signals encoded in electromagnetic waves in the approximate frequency range from 10 kilohertz to 300,000 megahertz.

3) (maratime definition) An instrument that uses electromagnetic waves to communicate with other vessels. VHF radios are common for marine use, but are limited in range. HF-SSB (single sideband) radios have longer ranges.

4) an electronic receiver that detects and demodulates and amplifies transmitted signals

5) Radio is a system for the distribution of advertisement, chiefly brand advertisement for package-goods, and advertisement for recorded music sold by BigCos. To describe radio as a system for the diffusion of news, or of music, or as a technology, would be not only inaccurate but actually misleading. Radio is a creature of the advertising business, as its child, TV. television

6) Transmit messages via radio waves, usally on a set wavelength, or frequency.
There are many differant types of radio-frequency modulation, these include AM and FM.
by IrishRepublicanArmy December 31, 2003
Theater of mind
Ted the DJ: Radio is defined "Theater of mind," and so when he said theater of mind I just said, "Well hey, I can't be an actor, I can't be an on air personality," but THE VOICE JUST BECAME something of a development over years and I went to school for it.
by tyler2k January 04, 2011
A labeling machine. A punk song will go on the radio loved by posers for a short time then go off known as "old" or "pop" forever more.
random that listens to the radio: Did you hear that (insert once good song here) on 92.9?
other random that listens to the radio: Like oh my god! That is so old! That new pussycat dolls song is way better and fresh.
me: *adds randoms and 92.9 to "to shoot" list*
by Sammy G. March 08, 2006
Someone Who is mentally Handicapped and feels the need to TRY to play call of duty 4
"hey did you see rob play last night? Yeah he was a real fuckin radio!"
by VulcanRaven August 10, 2008
to act like a person with mental disabilities; to be a retard or act like Cuba Gooding, Jr. from the movie "Radio".
Friend 1: "I just spilled smegma juice on myself!"
Friend 2: "Good job radio!"
by Patrick Ryan Lewis March 03, 2008
another way of expressing how amazing something is.

dude, that strobe light is mad radio.
wow, this kid is wicked radio.
by georgie schezz. February 18, 2008
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